Sundays Are For Espresso

Thank you to my most gracious host Wes who introduced me to the wonders of Irish butter, creamy whipped whole milk and coffee from a moka pot. I have never seen this brewing technique before, apparently it is highly popular in Italy. The stove-top method uses a multi-chambered pot, one containing the grounds while the other below it holds the water. As the water is heated steam pressure forces it through the ground coffee and up into the pot at the top for a delicious, aromatic brew. This is then served with frothy full-fat milk and, at times, baileys in fancy glasses. After spending the weekend at Wes’s place in the Chicago loop, my friend Ashley and I were treated to fluffy ham and cheddar omelets and rich German coffee. I was captivated, not only for the taste of the coffee but the pot itself is, we all agreed, ‘a true conversation piece’. We then decided to take a walk around some parts of the city and I rationalized that it must be fate when I came across a shiny, red 3-cup moka pot. Now I just need to invest in some decent coffee grounds and a milk frother to mimic the gourmet treatment I received this weekend or I might face withdrawal. I am hooked!



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3 responses to “Sundays Are For Espresso

  1. Dan Rademacher

    Very impressed with your blog Sara!

  2. Craig

    This is so cool! I have been looking for a cool moka pot. Where can you pick up this pot in the US??

    • therumcakediaries

      I love making coffee at home now! I have found moka pots anywhere from Williams and Sonoma to TJ Maxx. Mine is from a Home Goods and they had several brands/sizes to choose from.

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