Belated Squash

On a grocery store trip to buy some eggs, mushrooms, wine and feta…I found this Tang-colored butternut squash and decidedly placed it in my basket.

It was unplanned, but a deserved purchase. Thanksgiving day I had visited two TWO!! stores in search of this particular squash to make a refined gratin with hazelnuts and goat cheese, but as can be expected my last-minute attempt was a fool’s errand. That day, uninspired with the green acorn squash and receiving negative feedback on the spaghetti variety, I decided on some chipotle dusted sweet potato fries which are never a sad compromise.

I’ll admit the squash was purchased a bit out of spite. Thanksgiving, I resented not being able to find a vegetable that makes its way into my kitchen maybe twice a year when I actually had a plan for it. This time, the squash sat on my counter for a few days as a festive gourd while I mustered up another creative vocation for its orange innards.

Ravioli. The inspiration came to me when I decided a real hands-on approach to dinner might be ‘fun’. I was able to merge goat cheese and butternut squash after all.

Assembling the ravioli with won-ton wrappers is a much easier approach to making ravioli at home. The trick is to push all of the air from between the pastry sheets before sealing them. Using a circle biscuit cutter or cup to cut the ravioli into a circle makes for unintentionally pretty utilitarian shapes.

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter and Pecans

1 butternut squash
1 onion chopped
1 1/2 tsp ground sage
1 tablespoon butter
1 garlic clove, minced
2/3 cups goat cheese
60 won ton wrappers
1 stick butter
1/3 pecans, hazelnuts or walnuts chopped and toasted

Preheat oven to 425. Place squash on baking sheet flesh side down and roast until middle is soft, about 30 minutes. Scoop out flesh into bowl and smash with a fork until smooth. In a skillet cook the onion and sage in the butter with some salt and pepper over medium heat until onion is golden brown. Stir in garlic and cook for about a minute. Remove from heat and cool. Once cooled, stir into squash along with the goat cheese.

On a floured surface lay down a won ton wrapper. Place one tablespoon of the squash mixture into the center on the wrapper. Rub each side of the wrapper with water and place another wonton wrapper on top. Keep in mind that the wrappers are forgiving, so be patient when trying to push air out and seal the pastry. Cut into a circle using a cup or biscuit cutter, if desired.

Cook the ravioli in batches with a delicate hand. Boil salted water in a large pot. Cook ravioli for about 6 minutes, turning water down so it is not at a rolling boil. Remove from water with a large slotted spoon.

In a skillet, heat up the nuts for about 2 minutes. Add the sliced butter. Cook for a couple minutes, stirring. Watch for it to turn brown. Remove from heat.

Recipe adapted from Epicurious


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