So Now It Is

Very warm outside since my last update.Posting has been much an afterthought for me lately. My typical day has taken on the following pattern. Commute. Work. Commute. Sleep. Commute. Work. Commute. Sleep…and so forth. I am still learning how to throw in balanced eating and bits of fun. There is a bar downstairs with a Thursday night karaoke…never mind that incident though.

Last week I was into my ‘rice bowls’ – basically a bowl of brown rice mixed with fresh (and canned) ingredients on hand. Rice-bowls are my perfect go-to for filling up the healthy way. This one is the product of some pre-cooked lentils and spicy Indian curry. I added tomatoes and beans as well.

Or there was the night of spring vegetables, such as a favorite, snap peas, finally making an appearance…

Strawberries are in season now too, I should pick some up for snacks or dessert. Friday night we went to The Publican in Chicago’s Fulton Market district. The most surprising dish for me was a strawberry and burrata salad with balsamic vinegar and spring onions. The salty cheese with the exceptionally sweet strawberries created this perplexingly amazing combination. Omit the onions and you could almost get away with serving the dish as a sweet and savory dessert. The only picture I have of our night unfortunately is a slanted one taken with my phone.

It was a lovely place and I really want to go back to try the craft beers and pork for which they are known. I’d like to bring a few more people so that we could add several dishes to our order and get more of a taste for the place. This time I tried the sweet breads, fish stew and strawberry salad paired with a cabernet–merlot; all very delicious.


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