About Me

Why write this?

I like writing and I harbor thoughts on food constantly. I felt like I needed an outlet for my love and discussions on food and drink so I have turned to the internet to vent and share. I spend so much time reading other food blogs, I thought, why not? Also, I am drawn to the medium because there is such a vast community of like-minded individuals. Whether anyone reads this or not, I am able to attain a sense of sanity in getting it all out there and creating at the very least, a volume of recipes and stories for myself.

I am a freelance-writer with a love for anything kitchen, cooking, eating, travel. I am lucky enough to live in Chicago, an amazing city for food. While I strive for simplicity in my kitchen, I am increasingly drawn to ‘new adventures’ when I find intriguing recipes. I am not too fond of baking (something about measuring and temperature control), but I foresee writing about food on a regular basis changing all of that.

I adore food. Food is so unifying in that we all care about it in one way or another. We all grow up with memories of dishes. I can argue that my upbringing gave me an abrupt head-start on developing an adult palate, or at least attributes to my eating everything. I grew up having to move a lot. When I was 10 years old we moved to Sweden. If you didn’t eat the fish balls and/or pig-blood pancakes topped with jam (yes) served up for lunch that day then you went hungry. At that age, if your friends are doing it, well, chances are you are going to follow suit or be singled out as weird. So, by 10 if I had already grown accustomed to congealed pig blood on a plate (also served along-side ketchup on some days) then there wasn’t much I could be picky about. Not that Swedish cafeteria food is the culmination of epicurean delights, but it paved the way for me to, for example, enjoy dining with my parents while in Paris quite young rather than have to hunt for a McDonalds. With this in mind, I recommend trying (most) things at least once. So that’s THAT.


One response to “About Me

  1. Mousey

    Sa…. ; you write very well.
    I used to work with you and we went for fish head soup a few times 🙂


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